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Photos - Home Page

This page is the website's central point for access to the photo collection. To return to this page at any time, click the 'Photos' link in the menu bar to the left.

Each photo comes in two sizes: a smaller photo for the webpage and a bigger photo if you want a better quality picture to download and examine in detail. To access the better photo, simply click the photo on the webpage and the larger photo will open in a new tab or window, depending on your browser.

Views outside the Castle

This series of pages gives you a set of pictures showing the outside of the Castle where the pictures have been taken from somewhere within the Castle grounds, rather than in or around the Town.

Outside the Castle: Southwest and West
Outside the Castle - Northwest
Outside the Castle - Views from the Park
Outside the Castle - Southwest
Outside the Castle - North and East
Outside the Castle - Park and moat
Outside the Castle - More Views of the Park
The Terrace Garden

Views of the Castle from the Town, and views of the Town itself

Views of the Castle and Town

More views of the Castle and Town

Views inside the Outer [Garrison] Courtyard

Pictures of the Outer [Kommandantur] courtyard

Views inside the Inner [Prisoners'] Courtyard

Pictures of the Inner [Prisoners'] courtyard

More Pictures of the Inner [Prisoners'] courtyard

Some interior views of the Castle

Views inside some of the rooms of the Castle

Research Pages

There are also several unusual and informative photos to be found in the various research projects on this site, take a look at the Research Page for the links to these research topics.

Photos Available for Purchase

All the photos on this site for which I own the copyright, plus many, many more unpublished photos, are on my Colditz photo DVD which can be purchased on eBay. These are the original, full-size pictures, not the smaller main and thumbnail pictures from the website. These include pictures right up to and including my latest trip in September 2010. Furthermore, 20% of the sale price goes to Help For Heroes, the charity for wounded service personnel. For more details and prices, please click the button below.

Photo Credits: All photos taken by me, Tony Cutcliffe, unless otherwise stated.

Major contributions by Melvyn R. Lawes, credited where applicable.