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Maps of Colditz

The idea here is to show you where in Germany the town of Colditz is, to show the position of the Castle with respect to the town, and to give you a plan of the Castle, in order to provide orientation for the photo and video material on this website.

The town of Colditz is situated in the district of Saxony, in the former East Germany [DDR] zone. It is situated some 22 miles south-east of Leipzig, in the middle of a triangle formed by the three cities of Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden:

This is the view of the town and Castle as found on Google Maps. The Castle is the cluster of buildings just to the right of the centre of the picture. The Park is also visible to the east [right] of the Castle.

Incidentally, to get to the riverside meadow where the glider would have landed, and from where the 'classic' photos of the Castle are taken, you just cross the bridge westwards, and continue up the hill to the street called 'Forsthof'. Follow that street along until the end, and you will come to a row of garages; take the snicket to the left of the garages and that leads you directly into the meadow. In the picture above, the meadow is the pale green area to the left of the river and near the top of the picture.

This is a plan of the Castle itself. Note that in this view, the North is to the left.

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