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Views of the Castle from the Park

Rising early on a crisp spring morning, we decided to get a few shots of the Castle in the quiet of the day, before people were up and about. This was partly so that our pictures would be 'people-free' [not that there's usually many people around the Castle anyway] and partly to see where we could go....

I have to start this page with this magnificent portrait of the Eastern face of the Castle, taken not long after sunrise on the 16th March 2008, from the Park. Photos of this side of the Castle are not often found, because normally the trees mask this face of the Castle. Note the frost on the ground in the Park. On this day, however, we managed to get photos of the Castle from angles I have not seen photographed before. Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful and rare view of the Castle's Northeastern side, in the early morning light, taken by Melvyn Lawes. The ground slopes up towards the Park wall virtually all the way around the Park area; there is a rough track around the inside of the wall and every so often you discover a superb viewpoint towards the Castle. This photo was taken from such a viewpoint. It is interesting to note the seam between the the Furstenhaus [Royal House] and the Kurchenhaus [Chapel block]. The Northeastern turret is also visible.

Another nice, if somewhat overexposed, shot [there was a lot of light/dark contrast that morning] of the northeastern corner of the Castle, this time from slightly further round to the North:

...and another slightly different angle to show the rest of the Eastern side of the Castle, including the Kommandantur:

On this next photo, the terracing on the Eastern side of the Castle is easily visible.

There is a path winding up to the Castle from the Northern side. Here's a view of the Castle from below, taken from that path.

Now, a view of the northern face of the Castle from the level of the floor of the Park. This slope is marked as a 'Precipice' on the maps in Reid's books; clearly this is not the case!

And finally, a zoomed view of the North face from the same angle:

Views of the Park

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