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More pictures of the Town, and pictures of the Castle from the Town

At the top of the town market square is the Town Hall [the Rathaus]


The road leading from the market place to the Castle goes up the hill towards the Church

Views from the Haingasse

From the northern corner of the market square runs a street called the Haingasse, which goes adjacent to and below the western side of the Castle, and some impressive views of it are available.

The Kanzleihaus [Office block]:

The Saalhaus [Theatre block] with the Kanzleihaus to the right:

Then there's the Beamtenhaus, in which the former Guard house was situated:

...and then the Kellarhaus [Cellar house] at the north-western corner of the Castle.

This next magnificent photo shows the Kellarhaus to better advantage, as well as the western 'precipice' [Photo credit: Melvyn R. Lawes]:

At the northern end of the Haingasse, there is a small vineyard that goes up about three hundred feet up the south-facing hill next the the Castle. The view from halfway up the vineyard is quite spectacular:

...and at the top of the vineyard is an observation point [like a small stone tower] from which we get a beautiful view of the Castle:

and the town below the Castle:

Another nice view of the Castle can be seen when approaching the town from the north, along the river valley.

And finally for this section, we discovered fairly early on that the Castle is floodlit at night, at least at the western side. The view from this angle must be similar to how it looked during the War. This first shot was taken from the river meadow [we had to make a jury-rigged bipod from river driftwood to stabilise the camera!]

...and then this photo was taken from the Mulde bridge:

Both of the magnificent photos above are courtesy of Melvyn R. Lawes.

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