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The aims of this website are:
  • To preserve images of Colditz Castle for posterity;
  • To make these images available to anyone who wants to view them and to show them what the Castle looks like today;
  • To make the material available to dial-up users as well as broadband users by including still photographs and video footage;
  • To raise the profile of Colditz Castle and the town of Colditz, and to help people to find out more about getting there;
  • To help preserve Colditz Castle as an escape museum and as a memorial to the prisoners who were incarcerated there;
  • To provide information on Colditz Castle, with special emphasis on its role as a Prisoner of War [PoW] camp during the Second World War including links to other sites with useful Colditz information.

Most of the photos and all of the videos on this site were taken between May 6th and May 8th 2007, and between March 13th and March 15th, 2008, on trips organised by Mr. Gavin Worrell. See the page 'Getting to Colditz' for more details on his Colditz trips.

About the Author

This Website was designed by me, Tony Cutcliffe; the website was hand-coded using Matrix Y2K, obtained free of charge from and using HTML learned at

I work as a Professional Scientist within the NHS. I am a Member of the Society of Biology and I am a Chartered Biologist.

I also teach computing at a local college, specialising in teaching beginners how to use a PC.

My interests include flying, computers, military history and board games.

I am a Member of the Colditz Society.

Please note that I have attempted to contact Paul Dean, the author of this website, to obtain permission to use his pictures on my site, but the email did not reach him. Paul, if you read this, please contact me through the contact page of this site and we can discuss things!

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For this reason, I include here a link to the Campaign against Political Correctness, one of the main groups opposing this plague on our society. Click the logo below for more information.