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Videos of Colditz Castle.

In order to obtain maximum coverage, convenience and compatibility for my visitors, as well as for cost reasons, I have hosted my video collection with YouTube, under my username 'virtualcolditz'. Clicking on the link below will open a new window or tab [depending on your browser] containing the YouTube webpage with my video lists on it.

You can find my Colditz videos on - this link takes you direct to my video lists.

Credits: Videos by Tony Cutcliffe, on a Novatech mini-video camera. Not Hollywood quality, but good enough for the job.

In addition, I am privileged to present two very nicely produced documentary-style videos by Mike Jones. These videos were taken early in 2009, and have an excellent voice-over commentary by Mike. Just click on the relevant video panel below to play the video.

Credits for the Schloss Colditz videos: Mike Jones and Lisa Chapman.

Well done, Mike, and thanks for the privilege of being able to enhance the site with your videos!

I'm also highly privileged to be able to include here the Vulcan's latest promotional video, as suggested by Dr. Robert Pleming FRAeS, CEO and Trustee of Vulcan to the Sky Trust. A link to allow donations to the Vulcan Trust is included below; simply click on the flashing gold heart picture.