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Welcome to Virtual!

During the Second World War, Colditz Castle was the site of the notorious prisoner-of-war camp known as 'Oflag 4C', the 'Bad Boys Camp', the forbidding fortress prison in the heart of Nazi Germany, from which there was to be no escape.

In fact, though, more home-runs [successful escapes] were made from Colditz than from any other Prisoner-of-War camp in the Second World War.

This Website provides a look at what Colditz Castle is like today, giving the visitor a virtual tour of the Castle which is unequalled anywhere on the Web.

Using both videos and photos, so as to cater for both broadband and dial-up visitors, I want to try to give you a flavour of the Castle and the surrounding area. There are also some written pieces, describing the Castle and its current situation.

I have also given you as many links to other Colditz interest sites as I know, so that you can find out as much as possible about this fascinating place and its history.

There is also a collection of research pieces, where myself and other modern historians have tried to bring an up-to-date perspective on some of the historical material.

This site is an ongoing work and will be updated regularly. Check back at regular intervals!

High Quality versions of my photos are now available for Purchase!

All the photos on this site for which I own the copyright, plus many, many more exclusive unpublished photos, are on my Colditz photo DVD which can be purchased on eBay. These are the original, full-size pictures, not the smaller main and thumbnail pictures from the website. These include pictures right up to and including my latest trip in September 2010. Furthermore, 20% of the sale price goes to Help For Heroes, the charity for wounded service personnel. For more details and prices, please click the button below.

You can visit the Help for Heroes website by clicking the logo above. The link opens in a new window or tab, so you will not need to leave

Last updated: 17th March, 2011